PT General Teknik Mahakarya is a leading Machinery and parts trading and services company in Indonesia.

Through It?excellent products and services this company becomes the most popular and well recognized.

PT General Teknik Mahakarya always come up with new ideas and new products which lead the market. The company services Indonesia government; ministry of man power (Balai Latihan Kerja BLK), Ministry of Industry (Departemen Perindustrian), Ministry of Education (Depdiknas), Universities (Universitas), Polytechnics (Politeknik), Vocational schools (SMK), government company (BUMN) as well as private companies; automotive industries, mould maker, oil and gas, aircraft industry, turbine, other industries and workshops.

PT General Teknik Mahakarya represents some reputable brands such as Twinhorn, Pinnacle, Zero, Bulin, Fintek, Turnmaster, Prodis etc.

PT General Teknik Mahakarya has been distributing it?products to all over areas in Indonesia either directly from head office in Jakarta or local distributors and counterparts.

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